23 Sep

Twenty years have come and gone so fast…. Today is my 20th birthday. Kind of an interesting note to start a blog on, huh? Anyway, if I just typed away about my life, that would be so incredibly boring. So let’s focus on this: Now. Right now, I am sitting on my bed, with a computer in my lap. My fiance Jake is cleaning our room, he just found a dollar in change lying on the carpet. On the other computer, the movie Zack and Miri is playing, mostly for background noise. It has been a lover-ly evening so far, I went swimming, I watched another movie called Blow. Isn’t my life exciting??? =) Really though, all sarcasm aside… I have a really great life. I have people that love me, I’m getting my education, and I’m drinking soda; I’m happy. Goodnight.


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